The Bignaschi Foundation carries out its academic and professional research activities with the collaboration of numerous researchers. Listed below is a relatively fixed core who work together with us in studying the various thematic areas:

Alberta ANDREOTTI Curriculum vitae Alberta-Andreotti
David BENASSI David-Benassi
Francesco DELLA CROCE Curriculum vitae Francesco-Della-Croce
Carla FACCHINI Curriculum vitae Carla-Facchini
Alberto GIASANTI Alberto-Giasanti
Lorenzo GIASANTI Curriculum vitae Lorenzo-Giasanti
Antonio GUAITA Curriculum vitae Antonio-Guaita
Yuri KAZEPOV Curriculum vitae Yuri-Kazepov
Giuseppe MICHELI Curriculum vitae 404
Enzo MINGIONE  Curriculum vitae Enzo-Mingione
Tommaso VITALE Curriculum vitae vitale